Advertising FAQ

Where does the money go from the advertising?

All proceeds go back to the theatre to help keep costs down for everyone in the community.

How long can I advertise for?

We currently offer weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly segments of advertising. Different
schedules are possible, but must be discussed with a Theatre Advertising Representative.

Who can I contact to inquire about advertising with the Kineto Theatre?

The easiest way to contact someone about advertising with the Theatre is to fill out the form below we will get back to you with any additional information you will need.

When and where do the advertisements get shown?

The advertisements get shown on the “Big Screen” prior to our features and begin 45 minutes prior to showtime.

How often/long will my ad get shown?

Assuming we have a full schedule your ad will be shown for a minimum of 20 views per weekend, for
30 second segments.

How do I make my ad?

You have the option to make the ad yourself and save $50 on the purchase of 1 months advertising or more. If you prefer someone at the theatre can attain any information you want shown and create an ad for you!

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